Music ‘can create a positive atmosphere’ in a workplace

Businesses looking to create a more positive environment in their workplace might want to make use of some appropriate music, it has been suggested, which may interest those focusing on their management skills.

According to Ellis Rich, chairman of PRS for Musi

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Facebook US Market Share Increases at the Expense of MySpace

Guest Post by Shaun Austin - Senior Research Manager/Entertainment Media Research

Recent data released from Hitwise

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Music still sells…

Despite much editorial about the right business model of the future there are still some artists who appear to generate some serious revenue. That’s not fundamentally the result of clever marketing or new business models. It’s down to old-fashioned consumer love

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Some Things Don’t Change After All

“My advice to labels is take your eyes off the ball…and start listening to it.” That’swhat a top UK radio man told me the other day and it makes a lot of sense.


Radio has not been much help recently to labels in terms of supportin

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A La Carte Vs Subscription

Today’s debate on A La Carte versus Subscription digital models is intensifying, driven primarily by new unlimited download offerings from the mobile telcos. In time they will presumably be joined by the ISPs. The force is seemingly with these utility service provi

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How Much Love Is There?

The music we love is not something new we find everyday. Many of our favourite songs we’ve been loving for years. From the time we first hear music we love, it can then take a long time if ever to truly connect with the artist. An emotional connection between consu

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Breaking a new artist today

How long does it really take to break an artist? What’s the tipping point? When is the album campaign really over or is it just over when it’s over? When an album goes platinum and the third or fourth single with good airplay doesn’t drive further album sales m

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P1′s and P2′s ….A new world

It was a sign of the times when the term Top 40 gave way to CHR (Contemporary Hit Radio). It was in the 1950s when stations started to build formats around music and because juke boxes generally held 40 records the term Top 40 was coined. Today stations play a lot le

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