Businesses Can Retain Customers With Considered Soundtrack

Small businesses operating in the UK’s retail sector could be among those encouraged to put some thought into their in-store music this year.

According to PRS for Music, a carefully considered shopping soundtrack can help businesses retain their custome

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The Value of Music to Business

MusicWorksForYou.Com has recently presented the findings of a new independent study investigating the commercial impact of music in UK businesses.

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Most Terrifying Tracks Ever

Music research experts, Entertainment Media Research have identified which songs people find most frightening. The clear winner is Black Angels by the legendary American composer George Crumb. More than one in four of all people found t

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The Cosmic Consciousness of Music

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Music still sells…

Despite much editorial about the right business model of the future there are still some artists who appear to generate some serious revenue. That’s not fundamentally the result of clever marketing or new business models. It’s down to old-fashioned consumer love

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Some Things Don’t Change After All

“My advice to labels is take your eyes off the ball…and start listening to it.” That’swhat a top UK radio man told me the other day and it makes a lot of sense.


Radio has not been much help recently to labels in terms of supportin

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Matthew Effect Marketing

The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. That in essence is the Matthew Effect. The term was originally used in science but can explain how music marketing works most effectively in the digital age.

At the heart of the internet there are lists. Lists are t

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A La Carte Vs Subscription

Today’s debate on A La Carte versus Subscription digital models is intensifying, driven primarily by new unlimited download offerings from the mobile telcos. In time they will presumably be joined by the ISPs. The force is seemingly with these utility service provi

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Of Permanent Value

Yes that’s the title of a Warren Bufffet biography but it’s also my idea of the worth of music. Consumers think music is free because of the many streaming opportunities and free legal downloads, never mind the piracy. It’s tragic and will probably take an age

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Push It

With the rise of social networks we are constantly being reminded that the familiar push culture is being replaced by the pull culture. How true is it? Pull is an attractive concept once your artist has secured a level of familiarity sufficient to create an emotional

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