This Month’s Movers & Shakers in Popscores

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The biggest grower this month is Leona Lewis.

Although X-Factor afforded her a significant amount of familiarity, only now is she close (86%) to reaching the magic barrier of 90% Name Awareness where just about everyone has heard of her. Once there, she will be in the company of household names such as Moby, Kelly Clarkson and Bryan Ferry.

The single most important market of late driving Leona has been 40-49 year old females. Her love with them quadrupled from 5% to 20% on the back of a 10% point increase in Informed Awareness to 87%. As we would expect because of the almost perfect correlation between Love and Purchase Propensity (see the article below) the latter surged by +9% points to 14% which happens to be 3 ½ times the PopScores average.

Altogether Leona’s PopScore rose by 8 points over the month taking her from 130th to 81st position.




Scouting For Girls are also big winners this month. Their Informed Awareness increased significantly (14% points) in their core teenage market and by 9 % points with both 20-29 and 30-39 year old females. Love and Purchase Propensity also increased across most of the female segments. Their total PopScore showed a 40% increase to 14.

The Hoosiers continued their advance. Their Name Awareness increased by 10% points to 65% and their Informed Awareness rose by 9% points. However, at 44% familiarity and an Awareness Gap of 21% (the net difference between Name and Informed Awareness) there is still much further to go.

Russell Watson’s medical situation has been widely publicized and it appears the population has responded sympathetically. His Positive score increased by nearly 30% to 19%, driven by 40-49 year old males, whilst his negative score decreased by 12% to 22%.

Radiohead have received a sensational amount of publicity since announcing their digital “name your own price” campaign. However, in terms of emotional connection it doesn’t appear to have enhanced their position in the UK. Their overall PopScore actually fell from 30 in October to 27 in December reflecting a general increase in dislikes from 13% to 15% and a decline in Love amongst teens…


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